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Parts for Rebuilding a Volvo 5 Cylinder Engine

Need to know what parts to buy for an engine rebuild? Big Will steps in and knocks this list out of the park, with many excellent tips and substantial commentary to let all us know the parts for rebuilding a Volvo 5 cylinder engine. Like Will said, this is specific to mid-late 1990s Volvo FWD/AWD models with the 2.3 and 2.4 inline 5’s. But this list is still useful to post-2000 engines. Just do your homework and check the part numbers.

I’ve been a long-time contributor on VS, SS, and v70R forums but had not spent much time on MVS. For a while now I had intended to create a thread here as a resource for those who want/need to rebuild their turbo 5 cylinder engines to complement the many excellent repair threads.

The following is based on the comprehensive overhaul that Ben (B Mac) and I did to my engine last year. I have tried to indicate parts that are optional and also named aftermarket suppliers on certain parts where you can save money without sacrificing quality.

I used Eastwood ceramic engine paint in an aluminum color to do the block. In retrospect, I would definitely buy spray cans rather than pints of paint and brushes as it’s just way more effort to do it this way and the result is definitely not better unless you’re an artist.

This list should be relevant for all 850 and 1998 S/V/C70 turbo motors but many of these parts are also relevant for later engines.

Bottom end above, rods and pistons below
Bottom end above, rods and pistons below

Parts Needed

  • 1161059 anaerobic sealant and a roller ❗
  • 30750783 Genuine Volvo oil pan gasket set
  • (includes: 1-8642559 oil pan seal, 1-8642560 Oil Pan Seal, 1-1397983 Oil Pan Seal, 1-30637867 Dipstick Tube O-Ring, 2-3514546 Dipstick Tube O-Rings and 4-30637866 Oil Line O-Ring)
  • 30750783 oil pressure sensor (comes with gasket) (OPTIONAL)
  • 30750783 oil pressure sensor gasket
  • 30750783 Oil squirter gasket kit
  • 274260* (or 271439) Oil Pump Gasket Set *For Eng Serial # 1186000-
  • 9146132 Valve spring for rebuilding oil pump (I would definitely do this while you have the chance)
  • 973876 snap ring for above spring (OPTIONAL)
  • 1271903 piston for above spring (discontinued and completely unnecessary)
  • 1366791 rectangular sealing ring for oil pan thermostat (-1998)
  • 968757 x2 o-rings oil pan thermostat housing (-1998)

Rebuilding a Volvo 5 cylinder

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