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Headlight Washer Valve Fix

Looking for a headlight washer valve fix for your volvo?

Having your headlight washer in working order can mean the difference of safely arriving to your destination or having a potential accident. Read on to see what our forum members are saying in regards to their experiences with their volvo headlight washer valves.

I ended up replacing the T valve that splits the washer liquid stream to the headlight wiper arms‘ squirt heads. I found this to be the defective part of the system by blowing into the various tubes that connect the headlight washer system. I ended up removing the passenger headlight but this is not necessary. If you do, it’s three bolts that hold it in, and getting the bottom outside one out was helped by taking out the top bolt on the hood latch and swiveling this back a few centimeters (you’ll see what I mean).

Headlight Washer Valve

Note: When I found the culprit, the lower T valve, I removed it and called Barrier Volvo in Bellevue, Washington and began to describe it. I said,”I need a T valve, it’s for the headlight wiper squirters…” and the guy cut me off…, “It’s $9.85 and in stock.” He knew exactly what I was talking about. This means they see this problem all the time. The trick to this whole repair is to find the valve. I suggest doing this: follow the tube from the drivers headlight by feeling for it in the clip retainers near the horns. Make sure you have the right line by playing push/pull with the tube where it comes out to meet up with the wiper.

From there, follow it to the left, toward the passenger side, unclipping it if you need to. I found that I could pull the T valve and two other tubes out in front of the radiator to see that I had the right piece. If you do it this way, you won’t have to remove the headlight, not that it helps that much anyway. You may have to unfasten the passenger side washer fluid tube from the wiper to give slack for this operation.

MVS Forum Member rmmagow says:

I’m getting an order list together for some minor work on my old beast. I’m ordering an engine mount but remembered I have a problem with the washers for the headlamps. On the passenger side in a really tight spot is a cheap pos plastic fitting, it is leaking and needs to be replaced. Are there other components related to the headlamp washer system that I should replace while I’m in there? Also, the rear washer has never worked in the car. Is there a separate washer pump for the rear window? Where’s it at and is it prone to failure or should I try to fix it first.
Plugs, gads, I’ve seen just too much about spark plugs for this motor. 2.4 L Low pressure turbo. Should I just order the Volvo box for these? I don’t really need them now but since the order is going to IPD I want to get some decent bang for my steep shipping buck.
Any other “order it before you need it” type crap I can get? I’ll be doing a big fluid service on the car but refuse to pay 30.00 for a qt of angle gear fluid when I can use Mobil-1 full synth at the right viscosity for something like 14.00.

MVS Forum Member rspi adds:

Headlight washer system

Headlight Washer Valve Fix

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