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850, S70, V70, XC70 Hood Release Fix

Hood release

Volvo is known for dependable and rugged cars and trucks, but all cars have minor elements that will occasionally fail or need attention – enter the hood release. Over the years, your Volvo Hood Release Cable will fray and break, but that’s no occasion for worry, because replacing the broken cable is an easy job. A broken Volvo Hood Release Cable is not difficult to replace and is relatively inexpensive. Your Volvo Hood Release Cable links the hood release lever to your vehicle’s hood release mechanism. Your car or truck’s Volvo Hood Release Cable is a thin steel cable that might fray and break and need to be immediately replaced before the hood can be opened.

Download the PDF: How to adjust the hood release cable on all FWD and AWD Volvos up to and including model year 2000 (North American model year).

Hood release fix

I had an annoying problem with my 2000 V70 XC and I couldn’t find any references to figure out and fix the problem. When I pulled the hood release handle inside the car, the driver’s side hood latch would still be locked when I tried to open the hood.

I would have to pull the handle a few times and eventually it would unlock the driver’s side latch or I would get someone to pull and hold the latch while I lifted the hood. Needless to say, this drove me nuts. I then began to examine the car using the one diagram I had of the hood latch release. I would assume that this adjustment would work on a number of Volvo models, but I am unsure. What follows is the method I used. This method seems to work perfectly, but your mileage may vary!

MVS forum member bigkev414 asks:

Hi all

A simple question from a simpleton……some time during its life my S70 had a bang on the front side (the evidence is there) the hood is not properly fitted because there is a gap on one side of about 5/16″ and only about 1/8″ on the driver’s side. One of the releases doesn’t always let the “U” bracket come up and out of the jaws in the latch and I can’t open the hood. How can I re-align and centre the hood?
Please note the US terms I have used here in the spirit of co-operation between allies.

thanks a lot………..Kev

V70XC Hood Latch Adjustment

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Okay, I just fixed my 1998 AWD hood release with a wire connector crimp. The cable coming from the lever inside the car is stretched so no amount of pulling will release the latch. I cut off the wire insert end of a electrical crimp spade (ends up looking like a tiny barrel). I put it over the cable end by the drivers side latch. I slipped the little tube, with the slit opened up on its side, over the cable just behind where the ball on the end makes contact with the lever arm. Then crushed it over the cable using needle nose pliers. Thus effectively taking up the slack in the cable. It works for me, although I will be looking up the part number for the cable in the meantime.

I have a 850 that the hood will not latch. It was in a fender bender. I installed a new fender and hood. Now the hood will not latch. If I manually use a screwdriver to close the latch it seems to work and lock the screwdriver in place. I have raised the latches all the way up with the slotted bracket. I am looking for any advise.

duain northrop says:

my 2ooo Volvo s40 1.9t hood release requires 1 person to hold hood release open while other person lifts hood.. Is this a linkage problem, like cable has stretched?

Verlin, try the links now.

verlin mayfield says:

How do i adjust hood latches to lock both sides when the hood is closed.

verlin mayfield says:

Hood lock /latch problem on my 00 volvo s70. I replaced both locks, linkage cable, and also adjusted both locks and hood release cable. When i close the hood the latches won’t lock the hood down. If i disconnect the linkage cable, then close the hood both latches will lock the hood. any ideas on how to fix this problem.
thank you….

Joe Phoebus says:

Drivers side hood latch doesn’t release, after lifting the hood I must go back release the hood with the hood release handle in the car.

David Shaffer says:

on my 98 xc70 it takes 2 people to open the hood one to pull the inside lever the other to lift on the drivers side hood, after you release the bottom latch

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