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How to Buy a 1997-2000 Volvo V70 XC

MVS Contributor theWIFEs_S70 is thinking about buying a AWD P80 Volvo. The majority of those are V70 XC. So what should he look for? What are this model’s gotchas?

Hey guys, just wondering, what gives with these XCs.

I know 4-wheel drive vehicles are more expensive to own. And get less gas mileage, especially in the city. But this price almost makes me want to dive right in. (But then I realize, holy moly, if it costs half as much as it’s taken our S70 to get to Stage -0.987, that’s still quite a bit!)

used 2000 XC70

MVS Contributor tryingbe offers some great checklists:

You’ve seen my thread, right? You’re looking out for everything.

  • Timing belt/waterpump/seals
  • Trans mission service history, Volvo call for lifetime transmission fluid, if I remember correctly.
  • Engine mounts/all 5 mounts
  • All vacuum hoses
  • ALL rubber boots
  • a/c clutch gap
  • PCV system
  • etc..

The thing with these AWD P80 models (XC70, V70 XC, S70 AWD, V70 AWD, V70 R) is simple: they’re old now. Cars don’t get better as they age, they get worse, and we as DIY’ers push back against this entropy by repairing them and keeping them running.

V70 XC — Warning

I wouldn’t buy another V70XC (98-00) for love or money, or any P80 AWD again. Yes I have an V70R’ and had a 98 V70XC, and unless it was from a dry state I would touch it. Even then, there are a lot of rubber parts in the back of the car that are hard to find or obsolete. To repair anything at the back of the car requires either dropping the rear sub-frame and fuel tank (you have to do both as the tank is hung from the sub-frame) they can be a real pain. Even running one as a FWD by removing the prop-shaft to the rear does not make it any better. By a good P80 turbo wagon or sedan.


Here’s a good timeline of bringing a 1998 XC70 back to Stage 0 and decent drivability.

Buying a later model V70/X70: What to look out for.

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