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2005 Volvo S60 2.5T Has No Oil Pressure

2005 Volvo S60

He Had Just Bought It… Then No Oil Pressure

This is a sad tale of a buyer missing signs of a terrible engine condition when buying a used Volvo. It all started just this last Friday when new MVS Forums member aero1310 bought a blue 2005 S60 with 160,000 miles from a used car dealer:

On Friday I took a 1.5 hour drive down to Milwaukee to look at the car and take it for a test drive. All around the car looked great, there was paint chips and a few minor dents, interior was in perfect shape with all the buttons and lights working great, no rips or tears in the leather, smelt great, and engine bay and underbody looked super clean. I then take the car for a test drive which was about a 5-10 mile trip through city and on the freeway. The car had great handling, accelerated real quick, and no bad noises. Then at the very end of the trip pops up “low oil pressure, pull over immediately.” My dumbass let it slip by because I came across this message in my S80.

About mid-day on Saturday I hitched a ride with some friends that were on their way down to Milwaukee to pick up a friend from the Airport. They dropped me off at the dealership and made their way to the Airport. I payed, signed, and started making my way home. Then just like the test drive but a little farther, I made it to Menomonee Falls, WI when the the light of doom reappeared. 20 miles I made it. I instantly got off the highway and somehow made my way to an Advance Auto Store where I added 2 quarts of oil because I thought that asshole never filled it up like he said. Figured I solve the problem, but the light came on again, so I rechecked the oil and sure shit I way overadded the oil, yikes. Then it brought up a code which then I learned that Advance Auto does not do code checking anymore. The guy then directed me to the nearest O’Reillys Autoparts Store, where I meet Mark, where he did a code check and P0027 came up.

Thankfully I made it to a very safe area of Milwaukee, the store was open for awhile, and I had a very helpful employee to help me through all this. So I just turned 28, I’m basically all by myself, it’s 8PM, raining and getting dark out, 100 miles from home, I have a car that should not be moving, and a very low phone battery which I can not charge because I need the car to be on to charge the phone (did not want to risk a dead battery or a dead engine.) This is also not my first escapade of being stranded somewhere far from home, and with as much experience I have in these situations, they are not fun and very scary. Getting a tow truck would be between 500-1000$ which I really did not have. Thankfully I have the owner/saleman’s cell number, my friends are still at the airport, and I have Mark from O’Reillys to help keep me somewhat keep calm and to get through this debacle. Mind you I am in like a very calm full panic mode, as simple as it may seem, it was rough to register this whole situation in my head at the time. I could not thank Mark enough because he stayed there for about 30 minutes after they closed to help ensure I made my way home safely.

Mark said I should call the owner/salesman and have him do something about it. So I did, I called Ram the owner/salesman up and he kept trying to play dumb and wasn’t sure what to do. He said he wanted to help me out but first by telling me to leave the car where it is, to go home, and he will take care of it tomorrow. I said that’s a dumb idea to leave the keys to a car in the hands of people I don’t know. I was dead set that I did not want my car nor myself anywhere near the neighborhood it came from and especially at night. Granted it didn’t seem as bad as north Milwaukee but it’s still not a risk I’m willing to take. I gave him a full on bitching demanding the car be towed up to Appleton at his full expense. That’s like a rare event for me where I get to the point where I have to speak up like that and get my way. Eventually he gave in and had a tow truck come to get it, from a tow truck place he was partnered with. In the moment, I had the thought that I’m dealing with a really shady business, and if they are shady they must be dealing with other shady businesses. The only guy I trusted at the time was Mark. He ensured me I would be alright.

MVS Volvo Forums moderator abscate had some input for this no oil pressure S60, that’s for sure:

This car goes back to the dealer immediately until the low Oil pressure message observed on the test drive is resolved.

The oil pressure should be measured with a gauge to find out what’s wrong here, and you can’t drive or even start this car until They sort it out.

  • Oil pump
  • Oil pump pickup
  • Sludge in oil pan
  • Bearing clearances aka toasted engine
  • Wrong oil
  • Bad oil filter
  • Oil bypass valve in oil filter housing
  • Coolant mixing with oil ( usually bad head gasket)

New S60 owner here with oil pressure issues

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i feel bad for you, i when tru the same problem on myS60, like everyone else i try to do it the cheapo way, 1) run a compression check on the cylinders and a vacum test on the oil sending unit ( make sure its not a blown head gasket) then is just a lot of labor, i recomend to take the oil pan out to se the extend of the neglet, a cleaner for the oil its not gonna do it( you have to go tru the complete lubrication system hoses and gaskets and all that, and after all that it could be your Turbo tha need attention, i bought seafoam and all kinds of superfitial products but the neglct on my car was pretty ugly, my entire lubricatuion system need it help from top to bottom and is not necesaraly your oil pump, it could be your oil pick up screen clogged up , no i end it up using Kerosene after i took the oil pan out do not run the car move the pully manualy its a lot of turning but if you take the pan out youll know how good or bad your oil change neglect is … its a lot of work, this is my first volvo and

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