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2007-2011 Used C70 What Do I Look For?


Considering a “newer” Used C70 retractable hardtop, probably a 2009 or later. Were there any particular years to stay away from? Retractable top issues that are expensive? I’m seeing nice used ones for $20k-$25k. Thank you.

Used C70

Look for the service records in the documentation in the glove box. If there is not any walk away or offer a lowball price (especially if it was serviced by anybody who was not a Volvo specialist – i.e. jiffy lube). Any Volvo that has been properly serviced should last 200K without any too much trouble. Every model does have its quirks but they are usually easy fixes. The 2010+ engines (maybe earlier) have coil on spark plug and that could be a blessing or a curse. Matthew has a great repository here on 90’s and early 2000’s but anything less than 10 years old has little or no documentation but his database is growing. I had a ’96 850 that ran for 15 years and 185K miles until it was killed by a Ford LTD that ran a light. will do a free VIN check for “authorized maintenance.” In my case, seeing that the car had been taken to a dealer twice a year was more important than the $49.00 Carfax sheet.

07-11 c70 what do I look for?

Recently purchased 04 c70 and got stung a bit; many parts missing and needed a lot more than my inexperienced eye was able to catch. This MVS forum has and is a terrific resource. Still pleased and having fun wrenching on it… more importantly… the wife likes it.

Used 2009 C70

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