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Identify Steering Rack Type from Data Plate


How to identify your 850, S70 or early V/XC/C70 steering rack as either made by SMI or TRW.

SMI Is 5 and TRW is 4

Data plate right side in engine bay inner fender…

Also look at the rack itself (duh):

Totally worth it to just take a look at the boots, the TRW racks say “TRW” on the rubber boot, if you see that then you have solved it for your car. The TRW racks are much more common, too.

So… about this data plate…

It’s here. (But on the inside. Pop the hood.)


It is difficult to read my data plate so I just did a rubbing with a piece of paper and a lead pencil. I clearly have a 7 digit number. Its either 4F2PEV5 or 4F2PEVS. I rubbed it twice and the last digit is almost certainly an S as in SAM. What I understand is seven digits means TRW and the value of the last digit is irrelevant so it doesn’t matter that it might be a 5.

The chassis plate should show an eight digit long alphanumeric string at the lower right side of the plate. You can’t miss it. The last number will be a 4 or a 5. If the string is only seven digits long, it’s a TRW rack. I just did my outer tie rods and boots on my SMI (read code-5) rack. By the way, the Volvo Genuine parts that came out of the Volvo bag for my SMI rack were manufactured by and marked TRW. Don’t let that confuse you.

98 V70 Tie Rods – Replacement


Greybird1 says:

Dealer and afermarket suppliers tell me that 3 different steering racks were used on my 1994 Volvo 940, but nobody (including dealer) can provide me with information about identifying the type/manufacturer. Leaking rack makes replacement necessary, but which of three options to order, remains a mystery. Any ideas?

There was CAM, TRW, and ZF.

CAM/TRW were the same. ZF was different.

Either rack will work as long as the tire rods purchased are meant for the rack you buy.

If the rack is original, you can possibly reference your service plate…
Look for “Steering Gear”.
To the right you will see a number.
2, 4, or 5 means a Cam steering Rack was used.
3 means a ZF steering Rack was used.

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