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Replacing a Volvo Air Pump Repair Notes

volvo air pump repair

Volvo air pump repair explained.

When you picked the Volvo, you picked a car of high quality and considerable power; you will want to ensure that decision by selecting the most high quality parts and accessories. For loyal customers, Volvo is synonymous with long lasting service life, sleek looks and effortless maneuverability. For refined durability, affordability and elegant detailing, refined collectors choose vehicles engineered by Volvo. Your Volvo was created using the best quality and skill; it should get new replacement or OEM parts with a similar top level of reliability. For volvo air pump repair, the Air Pump is an emissions control mechanism which recirculates combustion products back into the vehicle’s emissions system. For the emissions system to comply with federal emission laws, a Volvo Air Pump is essential.

MVS Forum Member bullshark says:

I changed out my air pump due to a recurring PO410. I hated to do it because there just wasn’t enough diagnostics to be sure that was the cause, but sure enough it was.

After reviewing Matt’s excellent instructions for converting a VW air pump repair, I decided to go with OEM. No particular reason except that I was pressed for time.

I used the instructions provided by Rich Kelley at (Note to Rich: Black text on dark blue background – what are you thinking?).

The job goes pretty much just as he says. The turbo job is more difficult than he makes it out. When he says getting the bolts off on the SAS valve is hard with a turbo, he means hard! I was close to torching a 10mm box end so I could bend it, when I found an old set that was just stubby enough.

MVS Forum Member Ivo asks:

Hello all,

As my lovely car shows this codes : EFI 442, 445, and 448 I was told I need new Air pump relay, air pump repair, air pump checl valve and solenoid valve. I decided to check the relay myself. The relay had 3 connectors. The first and the last one were all covered insied with copre sulfate (green staff) and the first one (the bulkiest connecter) was full with water. I clean it as I can, spray it with WD40. The middle connector did not want to disconect. At the end it broke apart – the cable shoe left on the small metall bumb like glued to tit and the cabel and the plastic clip broke.
I need help how to fix this – I have pictures of the problem parts but I do not know how to post them here. Any idea how to fix this midddle connector or can I buy a new cable – it looks like it is blue- red cabel.
In addition, how to remove the air pump relay itselff – it looks like it is atached with two metal clips that are so rusty I am afraid to brake something else too. Please, advise me.

I browsed a Russin Volvo site. A fellow there figure it out that he can use Air Pump form Opel Vectra (GM in Europe) and it cost….only around $70CAD today exchange rate (Jan 6, 2007) – compare with $605CAD or the lowest price on internet of $300US for a new one. My relatives right now is researching the exact model and as son as I have it I will let you know. It looks that it is the exact same Air pump and the only think replaced was the end lid with the hose end.

Best regards,


PS: I jsut bought this car with a bunchof problems, but I love it and it was the only available St transmission volvo 850 in 3000km radius.

Replacing an Air Pump – Repair Notes

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