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How To ID The Fuel Pump Relay

volvo fuel pump relay

The fuel pump relay is red and numbered 103. The Volvo part number for the relay is 9434225. If your engine isn’t getting the proper amount of fuel, especially as the temperature dips, it could be your fuel pump relay. The c in the relay itself tends to shrink and crack rending the relay non-functional. This thread tells you where to find the relay and how to resolder the joints and change the capacitors in the relay. You can avoid buying the expensive Volvo fuel pump relay if you follow the instructions here!

MVS Forum Member 850 1994 desperate says:

First time I’ve laid eyes on this forum.. I didn’t know it existed. I’ve got a 1994 850 (non turbo) that dosen’t want to start. Great strong turn over, but no fire. First thing I did when it happened about a week ago was start checking electrical. Found I’ve got power coming to the coil, but nothing coming out on start.

Decided it was the coil and replaced that but to no avail. I just recently found out that the car had the little diagnostic light in the front, but when I try to use it, there is no flashing code at all. The only way I can get the light on is to push the button. I’ve followed all the instructions I can find on using it, but it just won’t work..

The closest volvo mechanic is over 2 hours away from me, and I MUST have this car running soon. I’ve been told that the cam shaft sensor might be bad or an ignition relay might be bad. I can’t find an engine schematic to refer to to see if I can manually test these parts. I really am desperate here folks… Any help or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

MVS Forum Member love2xlr8 replied:


i had the same problem with my car, and by changing the fuel pump relay the problem was fixed. but that was on my car. u could try to replace it but nothing for sure.

good luck and welcome to the club

How To ID The Fuel Pump Relay




chris irby says:

mass air flow sensor

i have a fuel problem with an 1994 850 volvo, i have changed, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay, cam shaft position sensor, tune up and still same problem, some times it runs and then will stalls and dies out as if its is not getting any fuel, then it will start after several attemps, please help if you have any suggestion, also did a tune up plugs, rotor cap and totor.

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