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How to Identify Your Volvo Engine Type

What type of volvo engine do you have?

To verify your volvo engine type, you can look at what’s called the emissions sticker (if it hasn’t fallen off). This is the best method (better than calling the dealer, using a VIN, etc.) for determining which engine you have…

MVS Forum Member Vernh59 asks:

I am trying to order a tune up kit for my 99 S70 n/a and then I see the note “for ……without direct ignition.” I have an engine code of B5254S is this engine type direct ignition? How do you know by the VIN or engine code? I have searched the forum and I find many references to the engine code but not for the ignition.

Thanks in advance.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Easiest thing to do in your case is just pull the timing belt cover to see which belt tensioner is on it… It would save you hours of searching. If it’s the newer type then go with that- if the older type then go with the lower engine number replacement parts- it’s one or the other.

MVS Forum Member 9394volvo850s added:

they mean by direct ignition individual coils(5) ontop of the plugs, wich you most likely wont have if its a non turbo. if you have a coil and a wire coming from behind the air box then its not direct ignition. there would also be no wires and no cap and rotor with direct ignition. post a pick of the engin bay and its wasy to tell the diffirence. above the airfilter on the drivers side you can see the Red coil. non direct ignition. and of course all the wires in blue.

volvo engine type

How to Identify Your Volvo Engine Type


Charles Burns says:

How can you tell gas from desil

Samer Sinokrot says:

i have an Engine , just fix it at my car .
i dont know its displacment .
its record is : 49878901495

how many cc. is this engine ?

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