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Volvo Tensioner Whining Noise Fix

volvo tensioner

Is that whining noise related to the volvo tensioner?

A tensioner is a device that applies a force to create or maintain tension. The force may be applied parallel to, as in the case of a hydraulic bolt tensioner, or perpendicular to, as in the case of a spring-loaded bicycle chain tensioner, the tension it creates. The force may be generated by a fixed displacement, as in the case of an eccentric bicycle bottom bracket, which must be adjusted as parts wear, or by stretching or compressing a spring,

MVS Forum Member kenk asks:

just found this site, spend a good bit of time over at volvospeed, so hi all :-).

ive been tracking this same noise, so far i think i have it either narrowed down to the serp tensioner assembly, or a possibly the bearing on the alternator. I was all but sure it was the tensioner, but then i get a mechanics sthescope and now im not so sure….


MVS Forum Member kenk replied:

i remember on volvospeed someone (i think it was Rich) said to take off the oil filler cap, and look in, and you should see oil up there while its running…. Im not sure how our whine / moan could come from the engine….

hmmm seems like guys with really low miles have this too. The last mechanic that looked at my car about a year ago though it was the alternator working really hard…. mabye, seems like a strech. He did not seem concerned by the noise.

Im tempted to say we have a combo of the tensioner, and the alternator, since im getting noise from both, the tensioner seems to be a whine, the alternator seems to be more of a bearing rattle, really hard to tell where its coming from… mabye i should jsut replace both and count my blessings after 172k…. well ive got a 2000 mile trip this thanksgiving so hopefully it lasts till after that…

Tensioner Whining Noise Fix

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