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Remove Rear ABS Sensor Without Damaging Connector?

Let’s talk about removing Rear ABS Sensor

Have ABS or TRACS lights on? Here’s a Wheel Sensor Fix

These ABS sensors at the wheels are difficult to get out. Here’s how Volvo Forum member 2001VolvoXC70 did it.

I was able to slide the harness out between the gas tank and body of the car. I simply attached a couple of strings to the harness and covered it with duck tape. Then I smeared petroleum jelly all over it and slid it through the little space. With the string attached I was able to pull on the string towards the front of the car while pulling the sensor from under the wheel well towards the rear. With a bit of determination and diligence I found a spot near the front side of the opening where the harness is actually able to fit between the gap.

Volvo V70 ABS wheel sensor harness clip

How to remove rear ABS sensor without damaging connector

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I own a 2001Volvo v70x/c turbo and I have trouble with the ABS system(Brakes)the rear crips is need to be replace.How can I replace for a new one. Domingo

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