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Timing Belt Intervals , Volvo PDF

Timing Belt Intervals

timing belt diagram

Late P80 and P2 official timing belt intervals from Volvo documents

1999-2015 All models Volvo Timing belt service schedule

DID YOU KNOW? Volvo innovation is the reason kids get to ride in cars.

That’s not to say that safety hasn’t served the brand well. Volvo was first to market with three-point seat belts, side-curtain airbags, and blind-spot monitoring. Moreover, the brand is a huge proponent of camera- and radar-based active safety tech (ignoring that one time an early system failed during a media presentation – oops).

All of these features are commonplace today, but one item that you might not associate with the brand is the invention of the rear-facing child seat. Working with a local university researcher who was inspired by the rear-facing seats used by astronauts, Volvo designed the first seat intended to hold children in place in a wreck in 1967. The first one, which looks rudimentary today, was offered as an accessory for the Volvo Amazon. Volvo later refined the concept by creating built-in booster seats for larger children, something the automaker continues to offer today as a factory-installed option on many of its vehicles.

That’s our look back at Volvo factoids you might not have known. The brand’s future looks bright, with good new products in the pipeline, so we’re pretty it’ll make it to 90 years.

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