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Volvo 850 Info Switch Parts w Photos

charlyW » Pictures of the Info switch from an 850

To open the switch remove the round dial then the 4 lugs two on each side with a small flat blade screwdriver gently lift the plastic around them easing the case apart, there will be a tiny spring make sure you dont lose this.

0000 all three components laid out
0002 circuit board showing contacts
0005 circuit board showing bulb
0006 white rotator showing contacts, spring & reset block
0008 info switch face complete

Replacing the bulb is a little complexImage0011.jpgThe small solder lumps need unsoldering to separate the green circuit board from the white board the bulb will then drop out after unscrewing.




erikv11 » I took one of these apart tonight, I just installed it and it works but the bulb does not light.

I don’t know how to solder with this detail. But it looks like you could cut out that corner of the white plastic with a Dremel, then remove the bulb and holder out the back. Replace, and the green board will hold it in.

Info switch parts inc pictures 850 93 2.5

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need some advise.have a 1993 850 2,5 20v stationwagen.want replace a 2000 850 2.5 20v engine.the old engine has 3 bolts for the exhaust system.the vacuum pipes and wiring to the airfilter.need a photo or to connect the pipes to the airfilter.thanks.kevin..

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