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Installing 850, S70, V70, XC70 Cabin Air Filter

It’s possible that it has been replaced but I don’t ever recall having this done.
This car was service by Volvo regularly up until 2008 when they gave us a $3500 list of
things required to pass inspection. I’m starting to realize I can do many of them
for a fraction of the cost (not fraction of the time) with help from this site. I will
have to look through my very large pile of Volvo dealer invoices.

cabin-filterBesides installing a cabin filter, cleaning out the intake helps big time. First vacuum any crud in there. Next make up a solution of bleach and water, soak a rag in it clean the entire area and swipe down as far as you can go, let dry repeat. Let it totally dry out and spray with “Fridgee Fresh” or the equivilent, to rid the area of mold and mildew.

Then replace or install a cabin filter.

Installing 850 Cabin Air Filter

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