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Fix Heat for the Volvo Damper

I am confused as to which damper controls the floor vents.
Is it right behind the glove box or off to the left behind the controls?

How-to fix the heat for your volvo damper.

A Volvo damper is a valve or plate that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct, or other air handling equipment. A Volvo damper may be used to cut off central air conditioning (heating or cooling) to an unused area of the vehicle, or to regulate it for temperature and climate control. Its operation can be manual or automatic. Manual dampers are turned by a handle on the outside of a duct. Automatic dampers are used to regulate airflow constantly and are operated by electric or pneumatic motors, in turn controlled by a thermostat or building automation system.

MVS Forum Member craig1104 says:

I have a dial on my climate control which i turn to the desired air flow. Are you telling me that for each location there is a cable that moves the Volvo damper or is there a motor that moves it? I am confused if there is a cable why does my defrost and my cabin vents work. I can switch back and forth from defrost to vents without a problem but not to the floor.

MVS Forum Member ycmike replied:

I had this exact thing happen on my 97 850 AWD with the automatic system.
What I found is the output from the volvo damper motor which engages the square shaft of the damper valve is plastic and it had split.
I removed the motor, wrapped some thin wire a few times around the split, twisted the ends together and reinstalled the motor.
It’s worked well for two years now.


MVS Forum Member billofdurham replied:

The Volvo damper motors are mounted on the climate control box under the dash.

To get to them remove the sound dampening panels either side of the dash. Remove the glove box and you can then get at the climate control box.

MVS Forum Member craig1104 says:

I took the glove box out and I think I saw the floor/defroster Volvo damper motor, but I couldn’t get it out. Is there a way to get at it? I am afraid of setting off the air bag. What is the black metal device that sits below the glove box, that’s is in the way.


Fix Heat to the Floor Vents

volvo damper
Fix Heat to the Floor Vents

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