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Replace Cabin Pollen Filter Diy P2 -

P2 Cabin Filter Replacement

P2 cabin filter replacement

Replaced the cabin filter on the P2 today

Two Torx 20 screws to undo the kick panel, then u clips in three places

4 Torx 20’screws to drop the filter cover.

I snapped out the plastic block and went with the thick filter over the thin.

IPD has a great video on their website

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Installing 850, S70, V70, XC70 Cabin Air Filter

It’s possible that it has been replaced but I don’t ever recall having this done.
This car was service by Volvo regularly up until 2008 when they gave us a $3500 list of
things required to pass inspection. I’m starting to realize I can do many of them
for a fraction of the cost (not fraction of the time) with help from this site. I will
have to look through my very large pile of Volvo dealer invoices.

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XC90 TuneUp: Oil, Spark Plugs, Air & Fuel Filters, Trans Fluid Flush

Spark Plugs 1 – The turbo line that goes front to back will need to be removed. What I did was just remove the clamp ring towards the front of the line (because it is easiest to get to), but there is also one at the back. If you can do what I did, loosen the front clamp and pull the plastic hose out of the rubber.

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Replacing Pollen (cabin) Filter

This is from Dacvolvo who has a C70 and posts in that section. He also has his own site where he shows his car off and also has a few write ups. This is for changing out the cabin or pollen filter that’s located under the passenger side windshield cowl. It’s very good with nice pictures…same procedure for 850’s and early S/C/V70’s. Thanks Dacvolvo!