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Replace Cabin Pollen Filter Diy P2 -

P2 Cabin Filter Replacement

P2 cabin filter replacement

Replaced the cabin filter on the P2 today

Two Torx 20 screws to undo the kick panel, then u clips in three places

4 Torx 20’screws to drop the filter cover.

I snapped out the plastic block and went with the thick filter over the thin.

IPD has a great video on their website

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Installing 850, S70, V70, XC70 Cabin Air Filter

It’s possible that it has been replaced but I don’t ever recall having this done.
This car was service by Volvo regularly up until 2008 when they gave us a $3500 list of
things required to pass inspection. I’m starting to realize I can do many of them
for a fraction of the cost (not fraction of the time) with help from this site. I will
have to look through my very large pile of Volvo dealer invoices.