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Long Term Ownership Opinion of a 2000 S80

Opinion on Long Term Ownership?

Are Older S80’s “Lemons”?

My mother-in-law used to sell Volvos, and my wife was impressed by the Volvo safety record, so we were originally very favorably disposed toward Volvo and they had an opportunity to have a customer for life, but as you might imagine, we would be hard pressed to pay top dollar for a new one, particularly after the poor dealer service. Even with all the problems, we still have the car, although I drive it and not my wife.

I would consider a used one if the price was right and I knew the specific history was good with the intention of getting work done by a non-dealer qualified shop.

Any opinions on a 2000 s80? Looks like they are lemons.


  • Certified pre-owned supposedly came with free loaner if it needed service. The Austin dealer from whom we bought it was experiencing either too many Volvos for service or did not allocate enough loaner cars, so when we had unscheduled breakdown maintenance, we could not get the loaner car. They said we needed to schedule our maintenance so a loaner car would be available.
  • Dealer put new Falken (spelling?) tires on went I bought it, but the alignment was bad and they were ruined after only 20,000 miles. Recommended 16″ V rated replacement tires had no mile warranty are were expensive at about $1000. I buy less expensive lower speed rated tires now and have gotten good life and performance.
  • Electrical – left us stranded on the road about five or six times. Each time either limped to the dealer or needed a tow to the dealer for several days of service.
  • At about 140,000 miles, the car went into limp home mode and needed dealer service for a computer upgrade.
  • Paint job on the narrow part above the doors faded badly
  • Cosmetic– many:
    • Sun roof has two metals bars glued to the glass that both came off at different times – dealer said it was a glass issue that is not covered by warranty – they said others who had the problem just live without replacing which is what I did since it was very expensive to fix. So far, I have not seemed to miss them other than there is a rattling noise every so often (I think they are harmonic vibrations dampeners).
    • Gas filler door hinge broke. Fortunately, I found it. Went to dealer and had to by a new hinge since they would do nothing other than sell me the part and install it. I installed myself.
    • Plastic molding on front seat belts where they came out of the walls broke
    • Ashtray cover fell off
    • Drink holder cover fell off
    • 12v accessory behind front seat broke
    • A few other items I cannot recall.
  • Dealer routine service is very expensive – $600+ to change oil and filters. I do most of my routine stuff and take it to Non dealer Volvo service shops for things beyond me.
  • Brake jobs by dealer are expensive – $600+. I do my own.

Any opinions on a 2000 s80? Looks like they are lemons.

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1 Comment

walter clary says:

my 1st volvo was an82, 240. It was a 2 door with a sun roof, and a 4speed man. w/overdrive. I got 37 mi a gal on the hwy.
At apx. 140K I was “t-boned” at high speed ( R front quarter panel ) The 1st cop there asked me “where’s the body?” 3 chp’s said it was the worst wreck they’d ever seen that some one walked away from. I couldn’t drive for 2 mos. I got another volvo and didn’t have it two months and got hit head on. I walked away from that one too. You have THE BEST CAR made wear your seat belt!!!!!

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