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Tinting windows. Trails and Error. Tutorial DIY.

Let’s talk about Tinting windows

Well you don’t need much in the way of tools. A Olfa snap off knife. A squeegee, some Baby Shampoo and a mountain of perseverance.

I had old tints on my glass which I painstakingly peeled off. That took two days. After that I had to knife and use a brake cleaner to make sure nothing remained. Everything was clean and ready to have a tint cut out. We start with this. I removed the trim in hopes of making the tint perfect. Waste of time but oh well.

(A cheap steam cleaner would have helped removed the old tint in a few minutes)

Tint your windows -- a tutorial


Tint your windows -- a tutorial

rspi wrote: 

It’s not that bad. I usually use a razor to scrap it off with water. In most cases, the police will not bother you with an older car. Most tint laws changed in the early 2000’s. Many states had 20% and 15% as legal.

I have installed tint on several cars but the last one (my 960) I paid to have it done because the cost was only about $70 difference. For $70, let someone else put up with that head ache. My wagon needs tint but I haven’t had the $$$ to get it done yet nor have I had money for some good tint…”

Tinting windows. Trails and Error. Tutorial DIY

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Hey ! I love your site its awesome , i have owned 3 volvos – 2 850’s and now a 98′ V70 i would like to upload some pictures for possible advice on the engine and also for your form’s enterianment as well. Please let me know ! (How i can be a member and upload pics)

Houston Texas
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WINDEX will pull tint right off, take a garbage bag and cut it so it flat and open, spray heavily with windex and apply to the inside of your windows, let sit for a couple hours, come back and peel off. The tint should easily come off then.

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