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Monroe Struts a Good Choice for Volvos?

Monroe Struts

Are Monroe Struts a Good Choice for Volvos? As with many products, it depends on what you want.

A couple of months ago I drilled an incredibly large pothole, bending a wheel, bubbling a tire and blowing out a strut. This was on my Platinum wagon. It was one of those hits where you instantly KNEW you did some damage.

So, I read up on Monroes, since I had to replace the struts. I didn’t hear anything bad about them, so I ordered a pair from Amazon. I wasn’t being cheap, just wanted to try them and see how they were. … B000C53TGK

They don’t ride bad, but they are valved differently than the stock struts. They seem a touch softer and the rebound seems to be a touch quicker. More of an American ride than a European ride. Almost Buick-ish, if you’ve ever driven one.

The bad….my front end now sits about 5/8″ higher than it did before. I’ve always kept my headlights aimed to the max without getting flashed by others, now I’m getting flashed every single night. I don’t like the way it looks either.

So, they’re coming off and I’m putting some oem’s back on.

A note on Monroe struts….

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