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When It’s Time To Move On

Moving on… and what did you buy? Wheelsup: “Our cars are getting older. I was a regular around here for years. I punched a bunch of tickets, with the evap repair and transmission swap being my biggest achievements. Also did the full timing belt replacement, including getting one of the bad batches of rollers that had the belt riding off the cams (anyone remember that?!?).”

2004 S80 T6 Maintenance / Road Trip

MVS Forums favorite June takes another road trip in her smooth-as-silk, well maintained 2004 S80 T6… “You never know when a emergency will require a long road trip. A couple weeks back I put Baby my 2004 S80 T6 into Volvo for her 180K service with a transmission fluid exchange with Genuine Volvo fluid of course. I had forgotten to mention the squeaky front brake so I took her back yesterday for that. Thanks to the fact my dealer does all my repairs Volvo warranted the pads and rotors at no cost to me though they were replaced 25K miles and more than a year ago. Volvo does take care of their customers.”

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK spark plugs have been coming up for discussion recently: Seems NGK IX Iridium Spark Plugs Caused CEM Codes Limp Mode
and the old topic with recent posts Spark Plugs: Copper Vs Iridium Vs Platinum and DIY: 2005 XC90 2.5T Spark Plugs Using NGK Iridium BKR6EIX

The MVS Facebook Group

I created a Facebook Group for us — It’s sponsored by FCP, so please join and post!

2012 XC70 Brochure

2012 XC70 Brochure Take a look at where Volvo was seven years ago with the XC70, namely how much tech and safety they packed into this car. It’s remarkable.

Drift Fun

Drift V40 Has a BMW M5 V-8 With Twin Turbos

MVS Forums


Sonic Blue V70 R

Be still, my beating heart.
A beauty Sonic Blue P2 V70 R
From New member just bought a V70 R


“If you go outside and dance around your car thinking it will cast a spell and you then go drive expecting a change then you will see one.”

Longtime MVS Contributor Jimmy57 from this post in Importance Of Reseting Fuel Trim (LTFT).

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