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V70 R & S60 R Owner’s Guide… New!

Hello my Volvo brothers and sisters! I’m proud to announce the new P2 R Volvo Owner’s Guide for V70 R and S60 R owners!

It’s an assembly of interesting and helpful items for owners of V70 R and S60 R cars in the 2004-2007 model years, or in other words, P2 R cars. If you ever want to get Volvo parts, this owner’s guide is very useful.

My R affair was short but thrilling. It’s the one on that page titled My V70 R – From Bought to Broken.

Please send me content to add to it, doesn’t matter if it’s something you wrote here or somewhere else, if someone else wrote it, or if it never existed until you read this and decided to put “pen to paper” about your R. In order of preference, email me if you have my email address, email me via the Contact page, or PM me. P80 R owners, not to leave you out, I’ll make a page for you also.

Below is a list of posts and DIYs that should help any P2 R owner, from fluid questions to which tires to buy. Use it to compare your P2 R ownership experience. While I wrote about owning an R car when I did own it, much of the material linked to from this post was written by other owners. As always, thanks to those who have shared what they know. I will update this page as I find things. Send me links or content to add.

2004-2007 Volvo R  – Not 1995-1997 R

What is a Volvo “P2”? — The Volvo P2 Platform entry in the MVS Glossary.

By definition (“P2”), this guide covers Volvo R cars from 2004-2007 model years. The other R cars are the earlier generation P80 platform. Anything else is the looks-only “R-Design” trim option offered on C30 and XC60s.

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