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Head Gasket Change Parts List

Head Gasket Change Time!

Head Gasket Change Parts List for 2001+ Volvos S60, V70, XC70

MVS Volvo Forum member cuttingedge2443 writes, “Recently developed slight miss on cold start for about 10-20 seconds then engine smooths out and runs great. Nothing coming out of exhaust pipe but have been refilling the coolant reservoir every 5 days or so the past 2 weeks.”

Recommended Parts

  • Victor reinz head gasket
  • Victor reinz head bolts w/ proper thread lubricant
  • Victor reinz valve stem seals
  • cam seals
  • Volvo antifreeze and distilled water
  • thermostat while its out (OEM)
  • OEM Volvo parts for T belt , idlers, tensioner, water pump

Head gasket & timing belt replacement P2 5-cylinder Volvos

precopster »
That $500 quote for the parts is about right for OEM VRS set and timing belt kit (I’m assuming you’ve factored the timing set in as well at this (high) mileage

Regarding VVT it can be tricky even for the experienced mechanic. My suggestion is to get a hold of Vadis DVD sold on eBay which will help with part numbers and step by step handling of the VVT system, even if you don’t have the tool it will provide the part number for the tool if you require it.

Again at this mileage I would be doing valve stem seals as they have reached their service life. A valve regrind as a matter of course. Also PCV system clean as a minimum. Also for a 10.5:1 compression ratio the 126 psi is VERY LOW. You may have some stuck rings which you can deal with once the head is off. Are you certain of the accuracy of the compression gauge? You should have b/w 170 and 210 psi for a healthy NA B5244S motor.

You’ve got a great car there, but I feel that without the proper maintenance all of this effort will be short lived. Do your research and don’t cut corners at this mileage and you’ll have a car that will take you around happily for another ten years.

Did you know? Volvo Facts

  • Volvo has recently declared that by 2020, their cars will be death-proof: Volvo Cars CEO, Håkan Samuelsson, made this statement: “Our vision is that by 2020, nobody should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car.”
  • 1944, this brand’s tagline was “We did not invent the car, but we set the safety standards” which became the cornerstone of company’s corporate philosophy – and indeed, they’ve set the bar sky-high. With a slew of ground-breaking safety systems that allow for self-steering, autonomous stopping and restarting in traffic, large animal (or cyclist) detection and various types of collision avoidance, a Volvo is one of the safest car in which to find yourself these days.

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How many kg pressure is needed when I have changed the head gasket on a volvo S80 T6? Should it be pulled clockwise or counter clockwise?

victor gonzalez says:

what is the pounds of torqeing head bolts

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