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Parking Brake Cable Adjustment -

Hand Brake — Fix and Adjust DIY — V70 1998

Hand brake is not really working. When I got the car, it was not working at all. So I opened the rear brakes, detached the discs, the hand brake pads were gone. Ordered new ones, replaced. Adjusted the “spacers” (?) inside the disks and the screw behind the hand-brake lever in passenger cabin. Used the car for few months. Did not see a real improvement. So I thought the cables are bad and replaced those. Still no improvement.

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S80 Parking Brake Adjustment

How to adjust the parking brake on the 2001 S80 T6. May apply to other years and normally aspirated models.

Does your parking brake handle come up way too high when you apply it?

Does it not engage even when you pull the handle all the way up?

Here’s how to adjust it. You will need a flat-bit screwdriver and a 10mm or adjustable wrench.

Open the console cover by pushing the small button to the far right in front of the cover edge and lifting up on the cover front edge.

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How To Replace Volvo E-Brake Pads

Yours may be so worn that it feels like the cable is not working when you pull the lever but actually it is because the emergency pads are so worn. You can check by jacking up the rear of the car, (support on jack stands) removing the wheels. There are 2 bolts attaching the brake caliper (on the back side of the caliper). Remove these and tie up the caliper so the weight is not being supported by the brake line. Once you remove the wheels and caliper you’ll see a aligning stud on the wheel drum/rotor which helps you line up the wheel when installing the lugnuts. Remove this stud with a wrench and now you can remove the brake disc. Sometime they get stuck. Once removed, You’ll see the emergengy brake pads and be able to see if they are worn. You can have an assistant pull the lever to see if the cable is working.