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PTC Nipple Vacuum Line Routings

My real question is about the smaller hose running off PCV nipple, the one across from electrical connection. On mine the hose ran about 10 inches to about under distributor and was just broken off and not connected to anything, I cant find where it would connect to anything.

Small hose on PTC nipple, where does it go? Nipple Vacuum Line Routings

PTC Nipple removal and cleaning

PCV Facts and Theory

As any engine runs, there are gases from the top of the cylinders that escape past the piston rings and into the crankcase system. These gases are illegal in most countries to vent into the atmosphere. Therefore, some kind of crankcase ventilation system must be designed for all cars. Volvo’s is one of the more complicated systems, and over time they inevitably clog up and stop functioning correctly. The most common symptoms of a clogged PCV system are oil being unexplainably blown all over your engine (mainly under the spark plug cover), smoke or positive pressure up the oil dipstick after the engine has been running for 10+ minutes, horribly noxious odors coming through your air vents when stopped, or blown engine seals. If it’s gotten bad, you may notice smoke coming out of your exhaust at all times.

This tutorial will help you clean the PCV system on your 1993-2000 5-cylinder Volvo engine. Keep in mind that this is focused on a later-generation Turbo model (I have a 1998 S70 T5), there will be some differences between each year and depending whether yours is a N/A or earlier model. P.S. You can click any of the pictures in this topic for a larger view.

Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • There’s a Volvo innovation in nearly every car on the road today. In 1976, we launched the Lambda sensor, which converts toxic engine fumes into less harmful gasses. Our cars are kind to the environment every step of the way. Every Volvo factory in Europe is powering by green electricity, and all Volvos are designed to be 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable.

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