Re-chrome Headlight Reflectors? Yes.

So to put it bluntly, my headlights are about as good as some cheap flashlights taped on the front bumper. I’ve looked at buying new assemblies, but even for “cheap” aftermarket I can’t justify the price. However, I’ve had an idea for a cheaper DIY solution, assuming you can do this. Is it possible to pull the reflectors out of the headlight assembly?

I have a friend that runs an electroplating business. He usually does chromium plating, but says he can use other shiny metals. So I was thinking, if I can pull the reflectors out of the assemblies, I can clean them up and have them electroplated to be nice and shiny again. I hope Volvo used all-metal and not coated plastic reflectors.

I have a set of new glass lenses I got free from a friend, so this would complete a “free” headlight restoration without having to buy new assemblies.

[This topic needs improvement. This topic isn’t an encyclopedic archive of headlight reflector re-chroming and could use your input if you have it.]

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Re-chrome headlight reflectors?

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