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How To Troubleshoot Volvos

This is how to troubleshoot Volvo problems. This is a gold standard, a troubleshooting level we should all aspire to. Read through the forum thread and see how MVS Volvo Forums Moderator Steve absolutely nails it. This is his account of the 48 hours after he’s left stranded in a parking lot… how he limps his 1999 V70 manual home, and how he gets to the root of the problem a day later.

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Volvo Manual Transmissions : Identification

“I recently picked up a ’95 T5R that had a manual transmission swapped in it in about 2002 I believe, the guys I got it off of started parting it out for some reason. Basically it has everything left in it for a manual swap but not much else. I know the car was originally and auto, I was hoping someone might be able to help me identify which transmission it was when I order a clutch for it for when I swap the trans into my other Volvo.”