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Volvo Distributor Cap & Rotor REPLACEMENT

Your Volvo distributor rotor delivers voltage from the ignition coil to each spark plug wire inside the distributor. A range of ignition issues can be traced back to the distributor rotor and/or cap. Because of this, it’s a good idea to replace the distributor cap whenever you replace the rotor. It’s not a difficult job and you’ll find field-tested advice to get it done right with this post.

Volvo distributor cap and rotor replacement overview

To replace the Volvo distributor cap & rotor, this job requires removal of the battery and then the bottom half of the air filter box in order to reach the bottom screw on the distributor cap. Including taking the photos, the whole job of removal and replacement took 2 hours (first time).

Check out this section for specific distributor cap and rotor replacement for Volvo 850, S70, and V70.

DIY Volvo Cap and Rotor Replacement

Volvo distributor cap and rotor replacement.

MVS Forum Member volvrow asks:

Hello all,
I am going to replace my Volvo distributor cap and rotor on my 96 850R… I was going to buy parts from FCP Groton and noticed that they carried a “no-name” brand. When I called them up, they said that they were of good quality similar to Bosch and that they have had no complaints. Does anyone have any experience with replacing the distributor cap & rotor? It is about a $15 savings to go with the aftermarket brand.
I also recently cleaned out my throttle body and MAF sensor, they really were not dirty at all, like I had seen in other photos online, which is nice to know. Also greasd up the steering stops and now when I turn the wheel the noise is gone! Would not have been able to do it all without this site!


MVS Forum Member CarVolvo replied:

FCP groton is a very good supplier..not only do they stand behind the products ..but if your not satisfied they will make the right adjustment.

Just make sure you get the black sleeve that goes on the distributor cap or take it off your old one.

Happy repairs.. forever 8)

MVS Forum Member kelvin6 added:

FCP is very good and they do stand behind their products. I’ve had my trunk struts go bad in less than a week, and they replaced them immediately after notifying them.

As for the distributor cap and rotor, I went with Bosch, and believe me these Bosch parts are built to last… very heavy durable construction.

Distributor Cap and Rotor DIY

Distributor Cap and Rotor Where to Buy?

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