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Volvo S80 Rearview Mirror Fix

Need A Rearview Mirror Fix?

I purchased a mirror from the yard which was off of an 2005 model S80 , they look identical from the outside, however the inside is where I’m guessing they upgraded some of the parts, i.e.: the double sided tape, and a large square housing with a spiral coil which is clipped over the circuit board. On the 2005 model they got rid of that and added a small vertical attachment with flat film type wires. However this does not get in the way of the transplant.

S80 rear view mirror DIY fixSo… if you buy a 1999-2003 rear view mirror,  your worry is to be careful when separating the mirror from the double sided tape as you would not want to break the circuit board, and on the 2004 and up (2005 in my case) you would not have to worry about removing any kind of glue or double sided tape

However you would have to clip the 2 studs which go though the holes on the older circuit board, and thats it.

S80 Auto-Dim Glass Replacement

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gregg monteleone says:

i have a used outside mirror for a 2003 s80 volvo. wwen I went to replace it the connectors are different. i want to splice the new one into the old old. where can i get the wire diagram of the two to make this happen?…Thank you

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