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How to Reduce Noise in the Volvo Cabin

volvo cabin noise

Ways to reduce noise in your volvo cabin

When speaking of noise inside the volvo cabin, there are three main types: road noise, wind noise and engine noise. An interesting finding above is that the Volvo V70 Station Wagon was found to be quieter than the Volvo S80 Sedan – two cars that are built on the exact same technical platform. Traditionally, it has been said that the acoustics of the larger space at the back of a Station Wagon makes it noisier than a Sedan. But as can be seen in this case, that general rule of thumb wasn’t valid. Hence, if you really want a versatile Station Wagon with large boot space, yet wish for the car to be quiet, test drive a selection of cars and compare Station Wagons vs. Sedans to see which are noisier.

MVS Forum Member FUBAR asks:

I remember The Underlord’s project where he used “Peel n Seel” all over his interior paneling to quiet his ride up. Just for reference, my car is an 2001-V70-T5.

I finally found a shop that sells peel n seal (Ebay). I have a few questions about how your(The Underlord’s or anyone else’s) project went:
How did you learn how to disassemble the rear trim, and tailgate trim? I’ve wanted to take that apart for a long time(I have some pet hair that I’ve wanted to clean out ). And how much peel n seal did you use? I am buying this stuff online for $1.75/foot, with $7ship/unliminted feet, I just want to buy it all at in one order. Have you heard of this stuff peeling back off?

Anyone’s knowledgable support about any part of this post would be great.

MVS Forum Member speedjunky asks:

I also have a 2001 V70 T5 that I’m finding to be a little loud. Much of my noise seems to be coming from inside the volvo cabin via the plastic center console, the wood dash and other misc/mysterious places. I know some of this is do in part to running Perelli P6 45 series tires. But I have stock springs and shocks and get more squeaks and rattles than I should from a loaded V70 with 50,000 miles on it.

Does anyone have any recommendations for quieting the noises coming from inside of the volvocabin? Do I need to buy some special lube, etc.?

Any help would be much appreciated!

MVS Forum Member Auburn T5 adds:

I’m debating whether to do this or not in my S70. I put a new 3″ turbo back exhaust on and it has a deep drone in the volvo cabin on the highway and I’m wondering if just lining the trunk area would eliminate most of this or not.

How to Reduce Noise in the Cabin

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