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Repair Overdrive on a 740


If the overdrive has stopped functioning in your Volvo with automatic transmission we now have an economical fix that solves most of the common failures.
The most common failures are the relay, the solenoid and wiring which can run well over a hundred dollars to trouble shoot and repair.

This new Solenoid block off kit, bypasses the entire system and allows the trans to shift in and out of overdrive automatically. How many times have you used the OD button on the shift lever to shift down for hills or while towing? It’s really not necessary for most drivers.

MVS Forums user bloonman has a problem:

I have an 87 740 Turbo with over 235,000 on the clock. My main problem is that the four speed tranny is stuck in third gear, the dash arrow is constantly lit and the tach reads 3500 at 70 mph. HELP!!!!!!!!! I really don’t care if the little button on the left side of the shift arm ever works again or if the arrow ever goes off, as long as I can just get the tranny to shift through all four gears. If y’all help me solve this one, I have a few others to add to the list. The speeometer works and then doesn’t work. Hit a bump just right and it starts again. The turbometer does the same. However, one thing at a time Any tranny tricksters out there that know what I need to do?

MVS Forums user TAFinley answers:

Here are three things you can do:
1. Remove the OD relay and connect a jumper between the two pins that supply power to the OD solenoid so that the OD solenoid has constant power; ie, OD always on. This will work if the problem is the OD relay.
2. Run a wire from the battery to the OD solenoid so that it is always on. This will work if the problem is either the OD relay or the wiring from the relay to the solenoid.
3. Not for the faint of heart — Follow the procedure in this link. This will create a channel in the solenoid for the trans fluid to flow through constantly. The OD will always be on and you can forget about all electrical issues. Of course, there will be no way to turn the OD off if you need to.

Repair Overdrive on a 740


I received a 1990 740gl automatic transmission volvo with 160k mileage from a friend for free. the car sat unused for 1-2 yrs prior to my take over. The car runs and drives. 1st problem is it makes a loud horrible screeching noise in the engine compartment . it makes this noise while in park and while driving. shifting is sometimes smooth most of the time it revs between 2.5-3 rpms. If it rains and I drive the noise sometimes goes away. the fan belt seem loose when checked yesterday. The noise would be in the league of noisy power steering but, the fluid level is full. I have checked the motor oil level which is normal and had the mechanic check the transmission fluid level and it was normal. within the last 2 days the car started ideling rough below 1 rpm and stalls the check engine light comes on, if in park and reving to 1+ rmp it runs smooth. the second problem is the odometer and speedometer is not working in the dash.

I got a new relay and that fixed my 92 740

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