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How To Replace Volvo Tailgate Struts

volvo tailgate struts

Our members walk you through a volvo tailgate strut replacement

Keep your Volvo’s Tailgate sturdy and steady with a brand new replacement Tailgate strut. Tailgate struts serve to hold your Tailgate upright and open whenever put into the open position. Tailgate struts can wear over time and must be checked for wear regularly. The door of your Tailgate is heavy and can be potentially dangerous if either of its struts fail. Per Volvo it is mandatory to replace both sides at the same time.

MVS Forum Member bullshark says:

The first real symptom I noted was last winter. On really cold days (50 F here in Fort Lauderdale 8) ), the tailgate would not stay up on it’s own.

The good news: Replacing the tailgate struts is a piece of cake. Th whole job took less than 15 minutes.

The only tools you need are:
a large flat blade screwdriver
a small flat blade screwdriver,
a T-25 Torx

If you don’t have Torx bits, here is the best deal I know of for all the Torx bits you need: Lisle 12 pc. set from Sears

I hate and fear dealing with interior trim. There’s always some snafu or hidden clasp that’s invisible until you break it. Not so with job, its so easy that it seems almost like the Volvo engineers made it easy on purpose (seriously tongue in cheek).

Once again I followed the helpful advice of Rich Kelley found here at

First is removing the screw by the coat hanger tab.

MVS Forum Member billofdurham adds:

To prevent the tailgate falling when you disconnect the strut, put a suitable length of 2×1 timber between the tailgate and the ground on the side where you are working. I have seen fitters using broom handles.


MVS Forum Member mwy replied:

Thanks for these great directions-everything worked out perfectly today when I replaced mine.


How To Replace Tailgate Struts

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