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Replacing CVVT Solenoid for Code P1332

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This if for ’99 and later Volvo’s that have CVVT Timing. If your timing belt change was done properly and you only get fault code P1332, then it might be the CVVT solenoid that is bad. You can replace it and in this write-up w/ pictures and diagrams, ecbsykes shows you how! Thanks, ecbsykes for this great addition to MVS!

Replacing CVVT Solenoid for Code P1332


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3 thoughts on “Replacing CVVT Solenoid for Code P1332

  1. i am interested in purchasing a 99 Volvo and the p1332 and p0013 is showing up. is this a serious issue that should prevent me from purchasing this car? help I am lost on this 1.

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