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Buying a Volvo V70 XC: What to Look For

volvo v70 xc

Interested in buying a volvo v70 xc? Here’s what to look for.

The V70 XC was introduced for the 1998 model year as a crossover version of the V70. It featured standard all-wheel drive and was available with only two engine and gearbox choices. In the US only the 2.4L 193 bhp engine together with an automatic gearbox was available. A 2.0L version of the V70 XC was available only for markets with high taxes for cars with more than 2000cc engine capacity. Standard ride height was increased over the regular AWD model. Visual differences from a standard V70 AWD include a unique front and rear bumper, unpainted sidetrim and sills, a squarer version of the roof rails, a unique front grille and a big Cross Country decal across the tailgate. Buyers could also specify a two tone exterior colour. Interior details included thicker floor mats and revised base seat covers.

MVS Forum Member G-mann79 asks:

I’m new to this website and forum. I’m looking at buying a 2000 AWD V70 XC SE in “good” condition (based on Kelly Blue Book criteria) w/82K. The wagon looks well treated inside and out. Very minor paint and trim dings and decent interior wear. Drives tight, quick and smooth, good boost on turbo, no fade on brakes and ABS engages under a hard stop. Automatic shifts clean with no slip. All the bells and whistles seem to work. The seller is the 2nd owner and has all services records from the local V dealer and a respected Euro auto repair shop. Price seems good just under $11K. But with all of my DIY experience with my old school swedish cars, 88′ 760 Turbo Wagon, 86′ Saab 9000T, 93′ Saab 9000CSE-T, and british cars, Triumph TR-6 and 7’s and a for good measure a 95′ Land Rover Discovery (a family hauler/project car) I still need a reality check before I jump at this V70 XC. This thing is more high tech than anything I’ve had before. I like DIY work and consider myself a decent “mechanical” DIY’er but know little about electronics other than swapping out ECU’s and fuses. I’m not afraid of a challege but do not want to take on a potential lemon. Enough said. I invite the input of others that know the V70 XC on what to watch out for, ie. drivetrain (especially the AWD) electronics, recalls and general troubleshooting. Thanks in advance for your help! G

MVS Forum Member serving29420 says:

i think its too high priced.
i just got a 2000 V70 in excellent shape with 87000 miles on it, leather, sunroof, loaded! $5000. check out wholesalers. you have got to catch one the first day on the lot or its gone. best to have cash ready and take time to shop around.

MVS Forum Member JRL replied:

A V70 XC is worth literally THOUSANDS more than a regular V70

Buying an XC: What to Look For

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I bought a 2000 V70 XC two years ago for $4600.00. It was in very good condition except for tires. They cost me another $525.00. I think the one you are looking at is way overpriced. Mine had 139k miles though, so lower mileage is a plus. Make them a lower offer maybe?

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