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IPD Quick Struts Video: How To Replace Struts and Springs on a P2 Volvo

IPD’s Quick struts — P2 Volvo S60 #125622, Sachs, there are quick strut products for other P2 Volvos — are the spring-compressor-free way of doing struts. For a first-timer, quick struts are a fast and simple way of changing shocks and springs at the same time. This is an awesome pre-packaged DIY method to take care of struts, springs, spring seat, top nut, strut mount, and the various other bits.

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This product type has been gaining in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: the shopping is much reduced, and the assembly work is easier. Plus, no spring compressor BS.

A spring compressor is a simple device, but potentially very dangerous if not used correctly.

This Quick Strut method is the half-step away from having the shop do it. You still need to get dirty, lift the car and put it on jackstands, remove the strut/spring assembly, etc., but you save money and time. It’s a nice compromise.

IPD Quick Strut how-to video

Four-C Cars, I’m Sorry To Tell You This, But…

These are not the fancy Monroe 4C — or Four C — struts that some Volvos have, and if your Volvo has Four-C, you have to stick to that. No mixing.

Four-C Suspension Volvos

  • All 2004-2007 V70 R
  • All 2004-2007 S60 R
  • Some S80 (factory optioned with it*)
  • Some XC90 (factory optioned with it*)
  • Some XC70, both P2 and P3 (factory optioned with it*)
  • Some S60, both P2 and P3 (factory optioned with it*)

*Check if your Volvo has Four-C by looking for a center stack button labeled, shockingly, “Four-C”. Four-C struts do not come in a quick strut, prepackaged configuration.

A Taste of The Harder Way

See my post on the harder way, the spring compressed way, so that you can get an idea of the work involved in compressing the spring. That video shows the strut assembly “on the bench”, compressed. This link is not a new strut job, but rather a new spring seat job, but the spring compression is the same.

New Spring Seat on a Compressed Strut Assembly

Ok a little off-topic here but since I posted the link to the forum page with the compressed spring, here’s the steps for replacing a broken spring seat.

  1. compress spring,
  2. spray Liquid Wrench on the top nut,
  3. remove top end parts,
  4. show old spring seat vs. new,
  5. put new spring seat on,
  6. add back top end parts in correct order,
  7. uncompress springs. Done.

Volvo 4C Struts: What and Why

Volvo Strut diagram highlighting the strut mount and the spring seat.
Volvo Strut diagram highlighting the strut mount and the spring seat.

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