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Project: Seat Heater Repair for S80 and 2001+ Volvos

seat heater fixyuckuJackD writes:

1. Problem: My heated seat doesen’t heat

2. Conditions for obtaining the problem: In the process of job you are sitting on the “wrong way” or you left a sharp, edgy subject.” In short interruption you caused a burning of the heater.

3. Possible solutions:
1. New seat (heater)
2. Repair of existing (option consideration)

4. Repair:
1. Disconnect the battery!
Wait 5 minutes after you’ve cut off the engine and then disconnect the negative terminal. Onlynegative. This is made because your car could save a error for the bombs (airbags ) if the seat is equipped with SIPS. (The backrest is equiped with airbag, which protects you in a side impact.)
Before you remove the battery switch off the radio and open at least one window. Thus providing access to the inside of the car if something happens(locks).
In models S60, S80 XC ** etc. where the battery is in the trunk and the trunk is operated by an electric button to open – when you disconnect the battery it does not work and you can not open it anymore! For each case of the release lever at least one of the rear seats. Mind not to lock your luggage compartment with the kay inside and wonder how to get in to get it or to attach the battery. Of course VOLVO guys have thought about this and you could unlock the trunk with the key, but this can only be done with the key “# 1” (usually gray). It is the only one which unlocks the trunk and glove compartment. If you have lost it and use the reserves you will fall into a great adventure. And on the topic of the key: The difference between the two is in the middle groove. The backup one is triangular and in the first one is square. And both kindle with both doors open, but only with the first you can unlock the glove compartment and trunk.

Review the detailed photographs.

Repair heated seat P2 cars (pics from S80)

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