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1999 S80 2.9 Front End Clunking Noise

volvo s80 noise

Fix that volvo front end noise.

Do you have clunking you can feel under your brake foot at low speeds and in turns? Do you hear an undesirable noise coming from the front end area? You can add two large “o-rings” to take up any slack in the bushing of the subframe and eliminate the clunking. You will need two o-rings and two new bolts. Part numbers for the parts to fix this are listed in the thread.

MVS Forum Member ohmfab says:

Hello All,

This is an excellent site with great info and hopefully my first post can also help someone out.

My 1999 S80 is sufferring from a front end clunking noise. The noise is most prominent at low speeds (20-30mph) while on the brakes and turning sharply, for instance at an intersection. Since I live in the city and have quite a few of those to navigate daily the noise has been wearing thin on me!

I am a fairly experienced wrencher and between my father and I a few Volvos have graced the garage and all of them have had clunking noises at one time or another. I’ve gotten pretty good at diagnosing these unfortunately and have already inspected the Control arm bushings, ball joints, sway bar endlinks, tie rod ends, spring isolators and upper spring mounts — they were all in excellent shape. I was a bit confused at this point.

I drove the car some more and could feel the clunk in driver floor just under the brake pedal and now I am 99% sure it is the rear subframe bushings. While the car is turning and braking the chassis of the car is shifting a bit forward on the bushing while the subframe is staying put which is resulting in the clunking noise.

1999 S80 2.9 Front End Clunking Noise

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