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Swapping Volvo seat from ’97 to ’94

volvo seat

How to swap a volvo seat from a “97 to a ’94

Thanks to Tailor we now have a write up with the swapping of a ’97 850 Volvo seat into a ’94. The ’97 has SIPS while the ’94 doesn’t so this is especially interesting and may benefit those with worn out early 850 seats when they can only find later model 850 seats for a replacement.

MVS Forum Member tailor asks:

Just returned from the wreckers and picked up a drivers seat with “Sips bag” written on the side control panel.
My question is: would this seat work in my 1994 Wagon as I do not have SIPSs on the 94 Volvo seat. Are there any things that I should do or could look out for as I am itching to install it.

Thanks in advance


MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Lee is correct if the Volvo seat bolts to the floor railing correctly. Let us know. I’ve wondered about different model year seats for awhile myself.

MVS Forum Member tailor added:

On a scale of 1-10 for difficulty I claim a 1
On a scale of 1-10 for profanity I claim “only” a 2( because I caught my finger between the track and floor anchor.)
The whole job took 45 minutes, but I did stop to pick up all coins in the holes, the chair cost almost nothing after I was finished with the coin collection.(25 CDN for the chair )

There are four bolts holding the track to the floor. It is advised in a manual that you move the seat back and forth to gain access to the bolts, a little problem here, if you have already disconnected the battery.There might be an overide, I did not find it. So before you start make sure that you can access all four bolts with ease. If you are removing a SIPS seat, install the safety device to the SIPS bag sensor,it will be found behind the Volvo seat side compartment(control panel). Lift the up the front of the control panel and then slide it back towards the rear of the car. The safety devise is an orange plastic ” form” and slides between the sensor and contacts.

Swapping seats from ’97 to ’94

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