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Koni Sport Peeling Paint

Konis Peeling Paint

MVS Forums member RussB reports peeling paint on his Koni Sport struts after just over a year of use. Hmm.

“The KONI Sport yellow dampers are produced in Oud Beijerland, NL. Each country has its own regulations regarding paints, specifically regarding the removal of solvents and using water based paints, which can present adhesion and long term oxidation issues, in areas with harsh winter weather and regularly salt and chemical treated roadways…

They offered to send me some touch-up paint. I passed.

I bought a set in ’06. They actually rotted to the point where the fluid leaked out of the shocks and struts. FCP replaced them, because they stand behind their products.

These new Konis are poorly finished just as they were in ’06.

I sprayed the struts & shocks with some Rustoleum rust converting paint after cleaning them up as best as I could.”


Post by oragex » Sat Sep 26, 2015 2:48 pmRussB wrote:oragex wrote:For some reason, that doesn’t look like an original paint ?
It is the original paint
Does the paint have the same thickness in all areas? The paint finish on the areas where it didn’t peel doesn’t look like a factory finish and the way is bubbling shows the paint was applied on a rusted surface. Looks like they sold/sent you an old repainted strut.

Koni Sport Peeling Paint

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