Starla Exhaust Advice & Reviews

Time For A New Exhaust Starla -

I’ve assembled a handful of owner comments about Starla exhausts… notes and observations about Starla purchases by Volvo owners and MVS users like you. See what the Volvo Repair Database has for Volvo replacement exhausts. Generally, you have a fair number of choices for things like piping: Walker, Bosal, Starla, DEC, Ansa, AP, and Volvo […]

Catalytic Convertors… How Do They Work?

MVS Volvo Forum Contributor rmmagow lays it out on catalytic converters (abbreviated often as simply “cat“): The CAT is a pretty simple device, no moving parts. The front O2 sensor is before the CAT and is the important part in the mileage equation. The rear O2 sensor (in most cars) does little but watch the stream […]

Running Without A Catalytic Converter. Smart?

2000 V70 GLT… was wondering if I could just have a muffler shop cut out the converter and weld a piece of straight pipe in place of it? My state dosen’t have any emission laws. Will this effect the drivability of the car? Thanks in advance. Any advice about this subject would be greatly appreciated. The cost of a new converter is approx. $1100, and a piece of straight pipe is around $35 to have put in.

Cutting out the Catalytic Converter

If I remove the catalytic converter from my exhaust, what happens? Not talking about the legal ramifications. I mean the O2 sensors, trouble codes popping up, etc. I have read in MVS someplace that just leaving them in is needed, but maybe relocating them back a bit? I don’t really know what will happen but I […]

What Does The Rear O2 Sensor Do?

Is the critical unit is the upstream O2 sensor for emissions inspection? And what are the clear indications (based on scanner data) of a bad catalytic convertor, and by extension a failing rear O2 sensor?

Catalytic Brand, Install Tips & Answers

Replacement Volvo Catalytic Convertor

Welding tips and Catalytic converter buying advice So here are the questions (I have searched up and down the forum!): Catalytic Convertor Brand “Davico” is out (not a good brand). “Bosal” seems OK, long history of quality. “Magnaflow“: $80 for the cat alone vs $300-400 for the direct-bolt in. “DEC” (aka “Diversified Environmental Catalysts”): I have […]