Some P80s Are Exempt from Emissions Testing

Emissions testing: required for all Volvos made after the last ice age, right? Not for some 1993-2000 FWD/AWD Volvos. Volvo’s emission standards were too high on the P80 Volvos. Yes, too high. SonicAdventure: I have a 98 non turbo V70. Build date is 5/97. When I called the local Volvo dealer they said that my VIN […]

The Birth, Life & Death of an XC90 T6

Ok, that title was a little dramatic, but that’s the idea. MVS member XVTer bought a 2004 XC90 T6 a few years ago for his wife. In between the buying date and selling date he posted some of the best tune-up, Stage 0 and restoration info for XC90s I’ve ever seen. This is his XC90 T6 story. […]

XC90 2.5T – Replacing Front O2 Sensor Step-by-Step

Need to replace your 5-cylinder XC90’s front O2 sensor? Use this nice XC90 O2 sensor DIY with clip connector info and photos. MVS Volvo Forum member joelq created this tutorial: The CEL on my 2004 XC90 with ~148k miles has been on with a P0134 code – “Oxygen O2 Sensor Circuit No Activity”. Pretty sure I’m […]

Innova OBD-II Code Readers on Sale

Innova 3150B

MVS sponsor and parts retailer eEuroparts is chopping $15 and $20 off select Innova DTC code readers. Whoo! These are decidedly more advanced than my cheap (but basically effective) Autel Maxiscan code reader. Like… light years more advanced. Save $20 on the 3150b from Innova! Use code DIAG20 at checkout today! Save $15 on the 3030N and 3100 Models with coupon code DIAG15! Innova 3150b Diagnoses ABS & […]