Was There a Stock Lowering Spring for Volvo 850s?

Oem Lowering Springs 850

MVS member Martin has a question about his Euro-spec (being in Norway) 1994 Volvo 850… can he install stock lowering springs if he can find them? He wants a lower ride height, but he’d like to stay original equipment (OE). Did Volvo make lower-height springs for some 850s? Were stock lowering springs a stock item? Maybe for the T-5R […]

Modded 245 – What Went Wrong?

If I’m honest, if I had the last 13 years with the Volvo again, I would have stripped the shell a decade ago when it stopped being my daily, and fitted an LS V8, T56 gearbox and a BMW M3 back end. The interior would still only have two seats, but it would be more […]

ARD’s S70 Bare Metal Build

Watch with your own eyes as ARD’s talented and resourceful owner Lucky takes a blown-up S70 and strips its engine down to bare metal, and builds it into a forged, 20T-turbo monster. forged pistons forged rods 20T turbo limited slip differential from Quaife M56 manual transmission from a donor Volvo N/A cams Green injectors R […]

Battery Capacity

Does a battery with a too-large capacity for the vehicle cause damage? MVS Forum member tjai had the battery in an S60 replaced with an 800CCA three years ago and has been experiencing electrical issues ever since including power seat operation and a/c flow.  A mechanic explained that a battery with a larger capacity than […]

Need To Modify 16T Compressor Housing?

“Is it possible to change the 16t compressor wheel to a 18t compressor wheel without having to modify the 16t compressor housing ? I recently acquired a 16t turbo off an S70. I have the rebuild kit ordered and want to know if I can just upgrade the wheel while I have it apart?”

Piggyback ECU & SAFC… it’s Fast Friday #27!

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

ARD owner and tuner Robert “Lucky” Arnold writes When I started tuning years ago the only thing approachable was using a piggyback ECU to adjust fuel and timing on my LH fueled RWD Volvos. Of all the cars I put piggyback on, my 242 was my favorite and after the swap from the mechanical K-jet […]

Fast Friday #6 — Injectors, MAFs, and Power pt. II

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

As performance levels rise so too do the necessary supporting components of the engine to reach the power goals you might have. Most fuel system upgrades are pretty straight forward and only consist of a fuel components I.E. Fuel pump, Injectors, and fuel pressure regulator. For the most part the Walbro series of fuel pumps are a popular cost effective option when it comes to replacing the factory pump.

Chip Tune vs. Manual Boost Controller

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

I shot an email over to my favorite Volvo speed genius Lucky, of Active Research & Development, formerly of iPD, MVS sponsor. He was happy to give his thoughts on the question Chip or Manual Boost Controller? Now, I know what you’re thinking: he runs a chip tune company! Of course he’ll favor chips! Yes […]