Why not a Chinese Water Pump on the 3.2?

Water Pump Genuine Volvo 31219000 -

“Do not touch any chinese pump brand…”

This is just a warning echoed more than once here at MVS Forums. Be careful what parts you buy for your Volvo. That doesn’t mean every little thing has to come from the dealer, but rather important parts should be carefully considered.

Volvo Wheels

Volvo Wheels

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Found it. Here’s the invaluable Volvo Wheels PDF from Volvo themselves. https://images.matthewsvolvosite.com/wheels/Volvo-Wheel-Brochure.pdf Wheel Names, Alphabetized & Sizes Adaro (15”) Adrastea (16”) Amalthea (17”) Andromeda (16”) Antlia (15”) Aquarius (17”) Ares (16”) Argo (15”) Argon (15”) Ariane (15”) Arrakis (17”) Atlantis (18”) Caligo (16”) Canisto […]

Window Regulator Fix S80

MVS member Al D has a broken window… it won’t roll up or down. In this Volvo Forum post he documents his S80’s window regulator fix, including his methodology on making his window roll up and down smoothly again: SUBJECT VEHICLE: 2005 Volvo S80 (AND OTHERS) – Regarding replacing the window regulator and/or the blue […]

Turbo S80 TCV & Vacuum Line Routing

The pressure from the outlet of the turbo presses on the wastegate diaphragm to keep it closed. When the ECU decides there is enough boost, it stops allowing the air from the turbo outlet from going to the wastegate actuator and allows it to go to the compressor inlet tube. The system is a pulse width modulated system meaning it is never “always on”, but instead cycled on for longer periods of time to increase boost, and shorter to decrease boost. When the TCV is off, air from the compressor is dumped to the compressor inlet, and the spring pressure in the wastegate is what regulates compressor outlet pressure.

S80 Transmission Rebuild In-Car DIY

I have a 2000 S80 T-6 with the same P0756 troubles everyone usually runs into, namely no shift into 3rd or 4th. Swapping the whole solenoid set had no effect, so it was time for a complete unit swap or a rebuild. As this is my project car, and I’d done a few VW transmissions before, I decided to do it myself. The idea came from watching this series of videos on YouTube, it’s possible to fix the problem our cars have without actually removing the transmission, so this rebuild just replaces all the clutches and worn bushings and the 4th gear shaft, leaving the torque converter and differential alone.

Who Repairs 2004-era S80 ABS Modules?

I have read the great 21 pages on this repair in another forum on this site. I am inspired to attempt the same repair on my 2004. Most of the posts, however, seem to pertain to slightly older model cars than mine.

Will an abs module repair work on a 2004 S80?

1999 Volvo S80 – Drove Through Water

I am ashamed to admit this but I drove my wonderful 1999 Volvo S80-V6-Turbo thru a flooded road. The water wasn’t that high but I got nervous and stepped on the gas and sucked water into the intake. It made it thru water, then stalled, I tried to start and wont turn over. Towed it home and a friend tore engine down and there was water in 4 of 6 plugs and large amount of water in oil pan.

S80 T6 Cam Seal Replacement/Oil Leak Repair, Timing, PCV

Hello. I’m here to share a recent repair I’ve finished on a 1999 Volvo S80 T6 (2.8 liter turbo automatic dual over head cam VR6) This is applicable to all P2 Volvos generally, as the repair here is the CAM SEAL Replacement, with an overview on checking the PCV Air System (Positive Crank Ventilation). Subsequent years of other Volvos should be relatively similar.

Volvo S80 T6 “R Kelly” Intake Install

Volvo S80 T6 “R Kelly” Intake Install – I just finished with the install of the R style intake in my 00′ S80 T6. I’ve seen lots of people who are skeptical and there’s only one other forum tutorial that I’m aware of on the net. I decided to just take a few pictures for anyone who would like to do this easy upgrade.

2001 V70 Too early airbag deployment?

Airbags Deployed, Good Volvo is Now Scrap One month ago my wife had a little crash into the back of a other car during “take off” on a traffic light. No other visible collision damage than few scratches on the front/tail bumper but… all air bags and belt tensioners fired, what means for me, that […]