Amsoil Power Foam

Longtime MVS Forums member Geevs asks about Amsoil’s Power Foam intake & combustion cleaner, and gets many good responses and alternatives. MVS Contributor kcodyjr… Sucking something in through the manifold causes the engine to stall, and the chemical sits on the pistons and rings. You let it sit, then start it up to burn it off…. Read the full article…

How to Use Seafoam


How to Add Seafoam to your Engine This is a step-by-step tutorial with photos on what to do with that can of Seafoam you just bought. Do you have a 2001+ V70, XC70, S60? The intake is different. You’ll want to use How to Use Seafoam on a 2001+ Volvo. I did the traditional 1/3 in… Read the full article…

Seafoam Instructions, The Official

The “definitive” answer… from Jim Davis at Seafoam. He sent me three technical bulletins as well as confirming in his email that it can be used as a pre-cleaner before an oil change, as well as after-care for fresh oil between oil changes… in a gas engine. I am cutting and pasting the first bulletin so all can see.

Seafoam Doesn’t Work

seafoam 01

Just did a Seafoam treatment on my 94 850 NA. Sucked it through the intake tree into manifold, let sit 15 min., started it back up. Tons of smoke, and a horrible clicking/knock from the engine. Drove it a few miles, until smoke subsided, but knocking continued.