Why not a Chinese Water Pump on the 3.2?

Water Pump Genuine Volvo 31219000 -

“Do not touch any chinese pump brand…”

This is just a warning echoed more than once here at MVS Forums. Be careful what parts you buy for your Volvo. That doesn’t mean every little thing has to come from the dealer, but rather important parts should be carefully considered.

XC90 2.5T Timing Belt, Water Pump, Serpentine Belt

2005 Xc90 T5 Timing Belt Water Pump

It’s time for your 5-cylinder Volvo XC90 timing belt (interval PDF here), and you want to save some money and do it yourself. If you’re mechanically inclined and have worked on cars before, this will probably be not too difficult for you to complete. Keep in mind this tutorial is not only comprehensive and well […]

Failed Water Pump Causes Timing Belt Failure

If you hate to see good Volvos die, look away now. Don’t click on this. Don’t read this. Go outside for a nice walk. Driving to work this morning, my timing belt broke. Chances are if you’re reading this you “get” that. It’s the Great Fear of any interference engine owner who DIYs. Possibly you […]

S70 – Replace Water Pump w/Tensioner Removal Only

Perhaps this may be obvious to the seasoned DIY’er’s or even some regular guys like me but after mulling it over and with the help of a couple of links I decided to tackle the Water Pump replacement by removing only the Hydraulic Tensioner. There were many other excellent links in the various Volvo forums (this one included) that some may find to be more helpful but the following provided me with the larger picture of what I needed to do.

DIY: 1998 Volvo S70 Timing Belt Overhaul

The TB (Timing Belt) with 85K on it is still OK, has hairline cracks, but time to replace.
The TB factory Idler and Tensioner Pulleys have slight play and were “free-wheeling”, so time to replace
The WP has no leak, but the bearing has a very very slight play. Technically speaking, you can keep the WP for another 30K. From reading Ozark Lee’s and few others experience with leaking WP at 150K or so, and since I have no time to redo this in 30K, I put in a new Aisin WP.

Head Gasket Change Parts List

You want to do the valve seals while you’re at it. This is not an overkill because they are probably nearing the end of their life cycle and will develop oil seepage (just to make you feel regretful one day that you have to redo the gasket).
On another note, have you ever overheated the engine? Even if you haven’t, the mating surfaces for the head gasket need to be planed. There is usually a reason for the gasket to fail (and not always an apparent one).

850 Turbo Timing Belt, Water Pump Replacement Marathon

Most of our time was spent on getting the timing marks to line up. We kept getting one tooth off and had to reset the tensioner three times. You can do that fairly quickly if you turn the vise a few degrees till you get resistance, wait a moment, turn again, repeat until it’s back in. I suppose some sort of hydraulic goo is in there that needs to squish back in through a baffle or something.

850 140k Major Maintenance Tutorial

850 140k Major Maintenance A detailed description of changing the timing belt, tensioner, rollers, and the water pump replacement DIY tutorial — with pictures: I bought my “Platinum” Volvo 850 showing 136k on the broken odometer with the last timing belt at 68k so I just went to the nearest parts store and bought a […]

Volvo Timing Belt Change Costs

volvo timing belt repair

Since the car is in the shop and the timing belt needed to be reset and was cracked they suggested to replace it and my water pump which was slightly leaking. I agreed. $600 dollars for that repair in case anyone is wondering. Well worth it in my opinion.