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Wheel Offset Explained plus Popular Volvo Wheel Offsets

All the Volvo wheel and tire discussion you can stand, then even more. Volvo OEM wheels, aftermarket wheels, tires, tire brands, tire fitment, tire prices, snow tires, performance tires, summer tires, studded tires, siping tires, treadwear ratings, buying tires, fixing punctures, painting wheels, balancing wheels, cleaning wheels, and fixing curb rash — all welcome topics here.

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iPD is Now Selling Enkei Wheels

MVS sponsor iPD is now selling Enkei wheels. It’s a first for them, and despite my relationship with iPD, I have to say iPD’s parts catalog is of very high quality, so I suspect the Enkei brand is no different. In my time as a car enthusiast, I’ve read numerous accounts supporting this. And on the flipside, I’ve read many stories of “no name” brand wheels that bent easily, so it’s smart to buy quality wheels.