XC90 T6 Transmission Lawsuit

A341E transmission

Owners past and present of model year 2003, 2004, and 2005 Volvo XC90 T6 vehicles equipped with a General Motors transmission may see money this October. Almost two years ago a law firm filed a class-action suit against Volvo. Here at MVS we’ve been railing against buying a XC90 T6 for a good long while, and we continue to shout warnings about the GM transmission in the T6 model from every rooftop we can.

Change Brake Pads, Rotors XC90

A wealth of information on changing brake pads and rotors on your XC90 “So I am going to replace the pads/rotors on my XC90, I am pretty excited that they are original and I have 56K on the car. With that success rate I am REALLY leaning towards full OEM this go around, I usually […]

XC90 Buyer’s Guide: Tips

Q: What to look for when buying a 5-cylinder XC90? A: I still haven’t really heard of any to speak of, I have an 2005 5cyl and it’s been great. There will always be something that could come up, but people have been asking about known issues for a while and nobody really comes up with […]

Diagnosing Bad Engine Mounts

The RPM are 840 on both “N” and “D”, however when I throw it on the “N”, the sound goes away.I tried, having it on “D” and holding the brakes, to raise RPM to about 1100, and that is when the noise is most evident.The best described it is a very low intensity roar and slight vibration.

XC90 Recharge Air Conditioning

XC90 T Low Side Ac Port Recharge -

Summer is right around the corner here in North America. Here are tips and instructions on how to recharge AC refrigerant on a Volvo XC90 from extremely knowledgable MVS forum member Jimmy57. Q Where is the low side port for freon on my 2.5 fwd xc 90. I see 2 differing ports under the hood? […]

S80, V70 (2001+), S60, XC90 Blower Motor Repair Tutorial

I’ve had trouble with my interior climate control blower fan squealing at startup, more persistently when it’s cold out. The problem has become more frequent over the past year, so I finally decided it was time to replace the blower motor. The first post in this thread was quite helpful for my 2001 V70, but […]

XC90 Needs New Front Brake Rotors at 40k Miles: Normal?

My wife has a 2006 XC90 with V8 and 18 inch wheels; we took it in for inspection and service today and the dealer called to let us know that the car needs new front rotors. We bought the car 2 years ago off-lease with 26k miles and so she drives about 7k miles per […]

XC90: Cheapest to Insure Followup

This is a followup to Monday’s post Volvo XC90 Least Expensive Car to Insure in US. I Spoke to my Allstate Agent I spoke at length today with my Allstate insurance agent Jim Henry here in Denver, a 17-year claim adjuster before becoming an agent, and he was unsure if occupant safety is the biggest […]

XC90 – Replacing Oxygen Sensors DIY Tutorial

Replacing heated oxygen sensors is a low-medium level DIY project you can do to save money on car repairs, and if your sensors are old, can increase your fuel economy. Really straight foward to swap out. They should be done on a COLD XC90, i move it all of 10feet and running for 3 minutes […]

AWD Volvo Whining Noise

Diagnosis Help and Advice on XC90 AWD System It had a noise when accelerating when cold, it sounded like someone tapping a pan under the car. My friend found the problem to be the rear output CV shaft was lacking grease 1st from the factory and probably the grease was cooked or dried out due […]