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S60 & other P2 Volvos: Troubleshooting Alternator & Electrical

Troubleshooting Alternator & Electrical

MVS Volvo Forum user coflynn shows us step-by-step how to diagnose annoying, battery-killing electrical drains that leave you stranded:

“My car was completely flat today. CAA came & boosted me, as part of that they do a little diagnosis, where they said the car was drawing ~4.5 amps when off, which is much too high. Everything else came back OK, and the car would still charge fine.”

Alternator / electrical troubleshooting

“I thought I’d share my troubleshooting tips/strategy for anyone else who runs into this.”

You will need the following to work on this:

  • Clamp multimeter that measures DC current, ideally with diode test functionally
  • Good sized tool kit… lots of fiddling with different sized screws etc
  • List of good swear words

S60 Battery Drain / Standby Current + In-Place Alternator

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steve dove says:

the car runs smooth while sitting missing under a load.

Resetting the codes would not do any harm. Try another battery, new, used (but “known good”).

more electrical issues…
dude up the street (local shop.. quack) “reset” my computer while checking for faults (i.e. rag in intake… long story). left there, ran fine, started yesterday 10 feb, this morning completely dead. no dash lights, not turning over, jumper battery made no change, jumper cables from another vehicle, same… no nothing. i’m at a loss on this one. fuses all appear fine. any thoughts before i call the dealership ?

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