Upgrade Headlights – What to Buy

Dull, yellow illumination at night? What headlights to get: upgrading the bulb (low cost/benefit), lens, reflector or the whole thing to jewel/projector.


Volvo P80 headlights are now fifteen+ years old. That means dull, yellow illumination at night… unless you do something about it, like upgrading the bulb (low cost/low benefit), lens, reflector or the whole thing. When replacing everything, you can choose to go stock halogen, swap to projector or jewel headlights, or even HID. As you’ve probably guessed, getting the best — or even just better — light isn’t cheap.

MVS Forums member Seaway:

I just put in Depo jewel headlights (for 2003-2004 C70) in my 1998 V70 last night. The difference is dramatic. It is a simple swap – 6 bolts – and they are in. I am waiting for the matching corner lamps to be delivered, but I think they look great. I bought them on Amazon for about $240 (corners were another $150).

The old headlights had the swapped lenses and they looked okay, but not nearly as bright as the jewels.


I considered the projectors, but I don’t really care for how they look. I think they look good on some cars, but overdone on others. That said, the lights I just put on are much more flashy than the old ones, but I like the look. Without the matching corners it looks kind of half done or I would have skipped that part. My old lights had new lenses and they weren’t bad, but they don’t put out as much light as the jewels.

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